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Handling your MPF online is just like directing a relaxing beat with one finger. It also helps protect the environment!

Contact your trustee now to open and activate an online MPF account. Opt to receive electronic versions of your MPF statements, fund fact sheets and other information to save both time and paper.

Direct your retirement life. Go digital, go simple, go green!


Management of
MPF Accounts

Your MPF is a long-term investment for your future retirement. It is an important asset. Just like your other assets, the MPF held in your accounts belongs to you. The earlier you start managing your MPF, the more time your wealth will have to grow, allowing you to enjoy greater retirement protection.

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MPF Journey

Your MPF journey is lifelong. From your first MPF account to the investments you make after, every decision you make helps shape your retirement life.

At every step of the way, you can use the digital tools provided by your MPF trustee to effectively manage your MPF account(s).

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