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Reviewing Your Retirement Investment Portfolio


Your retirement investment can span three to four decades, during which you may go through different stages of life. You should regularly review your retirement investment portfolio (including your MPF portfolio) to ensure that it remains in line with your investment objectives, your preferred asset allocation and your risk tolerance level. In general, it is good to review your portfolio once every six months or once a year, or when you enter into a new life stage (e.g. purchasing property for self occupation, getting married and raising children) and if necessary consider making timely adjustments to your retirement investment portfolio.

Factors to consider when reviewing your retirement investment portfolio

When reviewing your retirement investment portfolio, you can consider the following points:

  • Whether the accumulation of assets is progressing in line with your expectations.
  • If the accrued value of your assets is much higher than expected, whether it is necessary to reduce your holdings in higher-risk assets with a view to reducing the risk of the investment portfolio and balancing the investment risks and returns in the long run.
  • If the accrued value of the assets is far lower than expected, whether it is necessary to adjust your investment portfolio according to your risk tolerance level and investment horizon with a view to making up the deficiency in your retirement investment. In addition, you should review the feasibility of your investment objectives, reassess your retirement needs, and consider reducing your expenses or increasing your savings (for example by making MPF voluntary contributions).

Reviewing your MPF investment portfolio regularly

The MPF is an important part of your retirement investment. You may refer to the Annual Benefit Statement and the Fund Fact Sheet provided by trustees when reviewing your MPF investment portfolio.

Please be aware that a fund’s past performance is not necessarily a guide to its future performance. You should not choose funds solely based on their short- or medium-term historical performance. To compare the fee levels and other information relating to the performance of individual funds, you can visit the MPF Fund Platform on the MPFA website.

If you want to change your MPF investment portfolio after reviewing, please read the Points to Note when Switching Funds.